Claude Larson "Wenn Die Kraniche Ziehen"

Claude Larson "Wenn Die Kraniche Ziehen"

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Claude Larson
When The Cranes Migrate
Selected Sound (Germany) 1987
sleeve : EX(SRW)
media : EX/EX(a slight dust noise)

This is a library album released in 1987 by Claude Larson, a German synthesizer player who has left behind many library works. Compared to his other works, this one has a much more new age/ambient flavor to it. It contains three pieces of more than 25 minutes, including B1, which has a pleasant synth melody of electric guitar and flute with a sense of transparency on the slowly and majestically spreading synth pads, and B2, which has a beautiful contrast between the sound of shakers, claves, and other ringing synth percussion and the cosmic synth sound. side B, which is a suite of three songs over 25 minutes, is wonderful. (Chee)

B1: Journey to the Heart a) Depth of the Well
B2: Journey to the Heart b) Balance of Soul

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