Conjunto Chaney, Costa Brava, Mulenze “Salsa De La Montana”

Conjunto Chaney, Costa Brava, Mulenze “Salsa De La Montana”

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Conjunto Chaney, Costa Brava, Mulenze
Salsa De La Montana
Hittmakers (US) 1988
HM 74 (LP)
sleeve : EX+
media : EX-/EX-(some slightly surface noises, very slightly warp, plays fine. some slightly wear that does not affect to sounds.)

Released in 1988, this album features music by Conjunto Chaney, a group formed in 1980 by Niclas Vivas, Costa Brava, a group led by Mariano Civico, and Oruesta Mulenze, led by bassist Edwin Morales. The album contains three tracks each by Conjunto Chaney and Costa Brava, and two tracks by Mulenze. The album is full of authentic salsa and wanko, but the best tracks are A3 and B1 by Costa Braza, which are full of melancholy.

A3: Costa Brava ”Mi Musica Campesina”
B1: Costa Brava “Romance Campesino”

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