Controlled Bleeding "Headcrack”

Controlled Bleeding "Headcrack”

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Controlled Bleeding
Sterile Records (UK) 1986
SR11 (LP)
sleeve : NM(SOC)
media : EX-/EX-(some light surface noises caused by very slightly hairlines.)

Album released in 1986 by Controlled Bleeding, an experimental noise band formed in Boston, USA, in 1978 and active in New York City. The group has a strong industrial/noise image, having released numerous albums across a number of labels including Dosseir, Broken Flag and Subterranean, but they also practice an ambient style. This album is one of the most strongly influenced by their ambient style. The group also presents hard noisy experimental music in the same vein as their other works, and deep drone ambient with a gothic religious feel, but the contrast between the shimmering chime synthesizer arpeggios and the stretching synthesizer pads is simply beautiful on A2 and A3. B1 opens with an industrial intro and evolves into a floating psychedelic minimal ambient with a somewhat exotic flavour, and Manuel Gottsching-like electric guitar refrains are intoxicating. B2/B6 and B4, topped by a trippy synthesizer arpeggio, are superb, so give it a listen.

A2: Untitled
B2: Untitled
B4: Untitled

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