Controlled Bleeding / Maybe Mental "Halved"

Controlled Bleeding / Maybe Mental "Halved"

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Controlled Bleeding / Maybe Mental
Placebo Records (US) 1986
PLA 020 (LP)
sleeve : M(SS)
media : M(SS)

This split album, released on Placebo Records in 1986, features the music of Controlled Bleeding, a New York-based experimental noise band formed in Boston, USA in 1978, and Maybe Mental, a post-industrial group featuring David Oliphant, who has also collaborated with Sun City Girls. Side A, Controlled Bleeding, has the same deep, reverbed, three-dimensional, thumping, dark matter industrial sound you've heard on other albums. The dance track A3 is excellent, with its bouncy rhythms and swirling guitars that crawl through space. Side B, Maybe Mental, ranges from insane industrial noise with metallic, noisy sounds and bizarre voice collages, to tracks with a more contemporary sound make up featuring acoustic piano. I recommend B3, a strangely ethnic melody with some kind of ancient sound, similar to Aksak Mabul and Benjamin Lew of Crammed Discs.

This is an unopened archival copy and will be given to you as is. The sample was recorded from a different disc.

A3: Controlled Bleeding "Untitled"
B3: Maybe Mental "1313 A.D."
B4: Maybe Mental "Song for Maria"

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