Daihachi Oguchi and Osuwadaiko “Osuwadaiko”

Daihachi Oguchi and Osuwadaiko “Osuwadaiko”

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宗家 小口大八と御諏訪太鼓
Musicraft (Japan) 1981
MC-8101 (LP) w/obi, 3 x insert.
sleeve : EX(WC, SRW, slightly wear on edge.)
media : EX-/EX-(some light noises.)

This is an album by Daihachi Oguchi, who have been carrying on the tradition of Suwa Taiko, which is said to have originated from Kagura (Shinto music) and festival music in Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture, where villages are said to have flourished since the Jomon period and where the Suwa Taisha Shrine is located, known for its indigenous beliefs and the O-hashira Festival. The album is released on Musicraft, a small indie label that has released only a handful of albums in addition to Momoko Ishida's obscure disco fusion album. Oguchi is a descendant of the Oguchi family, who were under the command of Atobe Otakusuke, Shingen Takeda's taiko drummer. All of the songs on this album are new compositions by Oguchi, and the performances are wonderful, with some of the most primitive and dynamic percussion grooves of any Japanese festival music. There is a lot of music in this country that has taken the classics to a new level, such as Kunizan Yamamoto, Shinichi Tadase and the Onidaikoza. This book is recommended for those who like the aforementioned Ondekoza, as well as Eitetsu Hayashi and Kodo. Signed by Oguchi Daihatsu.

A1: 飛竜三段がえし
A3: 諏訪雷
B2: 雪降神

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