Djam Karet “The Ritual Continues”

Djam Karet “The Ritual Continues”

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Djam Karet
The Ritual Continues
Faunus Records (Brazil) 1989
549.042 (LP)
sleeve : EX-(SRW, slightly dirts.)
media : EX/EX(some slightly surface noises.)

This album was released in 1989 by Djam Karet, a Californian group formed in 1984, with the same title as their second album released on cassette tape in 1987, but with different content, two songs replaced, and the order of the songs changed. For some reason, it was released on the Brazilian label Faunus, but that's not surprising. The album was produced by Amir Cantusio, Jr. of Alpha III Astral Productions, a leading figure in the Sao Paulo Strange scene, who has released works on the same label, and he remixed and mastered all but the two replaced tracks. The ethno-orientation of the songs, the three-dimensional acoustic and spatial processing, and the prominence of every sonic particle give the album an artistic sound that is distinctly different from the progressive rock style. The new unreleased tracks A2 and B4, recorded in 1982, have a completely different sound quality from the other tracks.

A1: Shaman’s Descent
B2: The Ritual Continues
B3: Fractured

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