Djamel Allam "Salimo"

Djamel Allam "Salimo"

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Djamel Allam
Celluloid (France) 198x
CEL 6743 (LP) Original inner sleeve
sleeve : EX-(Some side/corner wear)
media : EX-/EX-(Slight rubbing/slight scratching with slight chirping/light chirping in some areas)

Probably the fourth album by Djamel Allam, an Algerian musician from Marseille, France. The release date is unknown, but it seems to be in the mid to early 1980s. A1 has a nice exotic melody intertwined with a spacey beat by rhythm machines and live percussion, A3 has an interesting contrast between vocoder chorus and ethnic string instruments, and A3 has an interesting disco-like development with effected horns. The introduction of synthesizers and drum machines doubles the exquisite sense of obscurity. Compared to the psychedelic rock atmosphere of the previous albums, this album has become much more gypsy song-like and battery-powered, but this is a good thing.

A1: Yasmina
A3: Chetki
A4: Amajar

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