Don Cherry "Actions"

Don Cherry "Actions"

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Don Cherry
Klimt Records (France) 2011
MJJ318 (LP) Reissue, 45rpm, gatefold sleeve
sleeve : NM

Don Cherry & The New Eternal Rhythm Orchestra recorded this album live at the 1971 Donnaweschingen Music Festival. side A is an ethnic spiritual jazz piece that perfectly depicts Don Cherry's organic and psychedelic world of creation, reincarnation, the universe, nature's return, the universe, the earth and all life. Side B is a live encore song, in which Don Cherry shares with the audience a chorus of 16 beats of Indian classical music. B2 is the free jazz world of Krzysztof Penderecki's production. This is an official 2011 re-issue, cut at 45rpm.

A: Humus - The Life Exploring Force
B1: Sita Rama Encores

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