Enitokwa “Re-Promo”

Enitokwa “Re-Promo”

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Future Friend (Germany) 2021
FF01 (2LP) w/original inner sleeve, insert.
sleeve : NEW
media : NEW

This is a double album by Enitokwa, who has been active since the early days of club music culture in Japan in the 1990s and is now recognized worldwide as an ambient artist. The album was produced in 2001 for the Batofar festival in Paris, France, and was sold on CD only at Los Apson in 2002. Although the texture is different from the current Enitokwa, this is a valuable work that allows you to experience dubwise electronic music with a floating feeling. It is deeply moving to imagine that the subsequent development of Enitokwa's sound construction came from here. The dance tracks are great, but of course there are also ambient tracks on this album.

A1: Pop
D1: Holy Spiral

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