Ensemble Nipponia / Gagaku Shigen-Kai “Nippon No Gakki”

Ensemble Nipponia / Gagaku Shigen-Kai “Nippon No Gakki”

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Ensemble Nipponia / Gagaku Shigen-Kai
Nippon No Gakki
RCA Red Seal (Japan) 197x
JRZ-2520~21 (2LP) gatefold sleeve. w/booklet.
sleeve : EX-(slightly dirts.)
media : EX-/EX-,EX-/EX-(light surface noises.)

We have just received a very interesting record. This double album includes almost all instruments used in traditional Japanese music (classical) and modern Japanese music, as well as representative instruments used in Gagaku, categorized into stringed instruments, wind instruments, and percussion instruments, and includes historical background, functions, basic performance methods, and examples of pieces performed, with narration by Kiyoto Tachikawa. Performed by Ensemble Nipponia and Gagaku Shijigenkai. The contents are very interesting as a sound resource, showing that there are many different types of shamisen and biwa. The narration and performance are completely separated, so it could work as a DJ or sampling tool. The booklet is thick and informative, with plenty of photos, diagrams, and specific examples.

C2: 管楽器 - 笙 / 篳篥
D2: 打楽器の演奏例

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