Erik Satie "Oeuve Pour Piano"

Erik Satie "Oeuve Pour Piano"

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Erik Satie / Jacques Fevrier, Georges Auric
Oeuve Pour Piano
Nippon Colombia (Japan) 1975
OW-7608-EV (LP)
sleeve : EX(SRW,Slight corner wear)
media : VG+/EX(a slight chirping noise, A1: intermittent light petit noise due to scratches of about 7mm.)

Released in 1975 as the twelfth album in Nippon Columbia's "Classics of Contemporary Music" series, this is a collection of piano works by Erik Satie, a singular French composer of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Jaques Fevrier plays the first piano and Georges Auric plays the second piano. In addition to "Gymnopédie," "Gnossienne," and "Sarabande," Satie's three parody-fantasy pieces "The Second Last Thought," "Cold Pieces," "Sketches and Teasing of a Fat Woodman," and The songs feature a glimpse of Satie's humor and lyricism.

A3/A4: 最後から二番目の思想 : オーバード/冥想曲
B2: はららごの干物 : ナマコの

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