Evagoras Karageorgis “Kenthmata”

Evagoras Karageorgis “Kenthmata”

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Evagoras Karageorgis
Moneda (Cyprus) 2020
MON001 (LP) w/plastic cover, insert.
sleeve : NEW
media : NEW

Please note that all imported discs have a slight warp that does not interfere with playback.

Evagoras Karageorgis, a Cypriot composer from the eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus, has reworked and remastered for the first time a collection of works composed and recorded between 1987 and 1988 and self-released on CD in 2017. A highly distinctive ethno-minimalist electronic fusion of contemporary and Mediterranean music with FM synthesizer electronic sound sequences, finding common ground between the repetitive nature of Cypriot traditional Lefkara embroidery lace and the minimalist music of Steve Reich, Philp Glass and others. After more than thirty years of being completely unrecognisable since its creation, this new music is playing on the far horizon, far from commercial revivalism. The book is beautifully presented in a kraft paper jacket with a transparent cover screen-printed with an embroidered lace design by Evagoras Karageorgis' mother. Only one copy is available from stock.

A1: Wind Mill
A2: Hellispontos
A3: Moiroloyia

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