Faramarz Payvar und Sein Ensemble “Persische Kunstmusik”

Faramarz Payvar und Sein Ensemble “Persische Kunstmusik”

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BASF Harmonia Mundi (Japan) 1976
ULX-3239-H (LP) Limited Edition. textured sleeve.
sleeve : VG+(dirts on  back.)
media : EX/EX-(side B has some light surface noises. both side has very slightly wear that does not affect to sounds.)

This album of Persian (now Iranian) classical music was released in 1976 by Teichiku under license from the Harmonia Mundi label, which has produced many masterpieces of folk music and local recordings. The album is based on several basic elements of dastgars, which are similar to ragas in Indian music, and features a long performance that develops through improvisation. side B features over 19 minutes of vocal music. 

A1: サントゥール演奏によるセガー施法
B1: アーワーズ・エ・ダシュティ

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