Farid el Atrache “Addi Errabi”

Farid el Atrache “Addi Errabi”

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Farid el Atrache
Addi Errabi
Cairophon (Holland) 1978
LPCXF 128 (LP) Coated jacket
sleeve : EX-(Slightly Curved)
media : EX/EX(a slight dust noise)

The second album of live recordings by Farid el Atrache, the great Syrian music master and oud player who died in 1973 after a long career since the 1940s, released on the Cairophon label in Beirut, Lebanon. Pressed in the Netherlands. The year of recording is unknown, but it seems to be from the later period. The album opens with Farid el Atrache's amazing oud playing with chord strokes and fast playing that surpasses heavy metal, and the psychedelic performance of percussion and electric organ creates an exotic space. I was swallowed up by the live sound. The exotic vocals of Farid, sung in a sticky bass voice, are also a highlight of this album, which is highly recommended for those who like Lebanese music such as Fairuz.

A: Addi Errabi
B: Addi Errabi

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