Farid el Atrache “The Best of Farid el Atrache vol. II”

Farid el Atrache “The Best of Farid el Atrache vol. II”

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Farid el Atrache
The Best of Farid el Atrache vol. II
Voice of Lebanon (Lebanon) 1973
VLMX 27 (LP) one side coated sleeve.
sleeve : VG+(SOC, small spots on back.)
media : VG+/VG+(some slightly surface noises caused by slightly wear and hairlines.)

This is the second best album of the Syrian music master and great oud player Farid el Atrache, who was active for a long time since the 1940s, released in 1973 after his death. Released on the famous Voice of Lebanon label in Beirut, Lebanon. This is amazing. All three songs on the album were recorded live in concert, and although I don't know the era, they seem to be old. Atrache's vocals, sung emotionally with a very distinctive bass voice, are mesmerizing against a dramatic and seductive performance of strings and reeds. This is a valuable work that allows you to experience the deep world of Arab songs.

A1: Od Ta Ya Youma Mawlidi
B2: Mech Kefaya Ya Habibi

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