Fratzeska Beleni “Poso Syskolo Einai Na Eisai Gynaika”

Fratzeska Beleni “Poso Syskolo Einai Na Eisai Gynaika”

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Fratzeska Beleni
Poso Syskolo Einai Na Eisai Gynaika
Minos (Greece) 1982
MSM 442 (LP) coated sleeve.
sleeve : EX-(slightly dirts.)
media : EX/-EX-(some slightly wear that does not affect to sounds.)

This album was released in 1982 by Greek singer Fratzeska Beleni. The sound production is very interesting as it was made in the early 80's, and cheap synthesizers are used to their fullest. The tune is similar to a Japanese adult kayo that incorporates various genres, which also has its own flavor. All the songs are enjoyable, but I recommend the new-waveish obscure disco tune A2, the blues-rock style B4 reminiscent of Naomi Chiaki's "Yoru e Isogu Hito," and the French-style reggae-pop B5.

A2: I Agápi Kaíei
B4: Nai Den Se Kratáo
B5: Ex' Aitías Sou

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