Friedrich Gulda “The Long Road to Freedom”

Friedrich Gulda “The Long Road to Freedom”

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Friedrich Gulda
The Long Road to Freedom
MPS Records (Japan) 1972
ULS-1724~5P (2LP) w/obi.
sleeve : VG+(RW, WC, light dirts.)
media : EX+/EX+,EX+/EX-(some slightly surface noises. D2 has some light noises caused by very small scratch.)

This Album was released in 1971 by Friedrich Gulda, a leading pianist/composer from Vienna, Austria, who has been active at the forefront of jazz music since the early 50's, and has left behind such masterpieces as "Fata Morgana" (1971) and "Nachricht Vom Lande" (1977), both of which are masterpieces of spacy, chaotic, and cosmic jazz. The piano solos on this album also showcase the superb performance that shines through the combination of classical and jazz music that he has accumulated through his many years of activity, and the static and slow movements that come and go like waves, sometimes pouring down like a squall. The entire album is excellent, but I especially recommend the minimalist C2 featuring Friz Pauer's score. And D1/D2 were joined with Klaus Weiss (ds) and Albert Golowin (vo), which is a deep spiritual jazz piece.

C2: Etude
D2: Duo

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