Gregorio Paniagua "Musique De La Grece Antique”

Gregorio Paniagua "Musique De La Grece Antique”

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Gregorio Paniagua and Atrium Musicae de Madrid
Musique La Grece Antique
Harmonia Mundi (Japan) 1982
VIC-28067 (LP) w/obi, insert
sleeve : EX+(very slight wear on the bottom)
media : EX+/EX+(some parts has a very little noise)

This is the album by Atrium Musicae de Madrid, an ancient music ensemble led by Gregorio Paniagua from Madrid, Spain, released in 1979. If this name sounds familiar, you're right. He is the father of Luis Paniagua, one of the leading figures in the Spanish contemporary/new age scene, who incorporated classical Arabic and Mediterranean music into contemporary music, and is a great musician who revived ancient Greek music and other ancient music in the modern age. In this album, Luis Paniagua, Eduardo, Carlos and other members of the Paniagua family who have also participated in Luis's solo works and Babia, Pablo Cano and Christina Ubeda will participate. The album focuse on Greek classical music influenced by Arabic music, and presents ethnic music with an exotic feel. It is same feeling as Luis Paniagua's works such as "De Magico Acuerdo", "Neptuno" and "Planeo", as well as the "Alquibla" series of soundtrack albums for TV documentaries by Luis Delgado, one of Gregorio's students. This is a wonderful album that does not feel old at all. The late audio critic Tetsuo Nagaoka, who was known for his homemade speakers including the Swan, introduced this album as an "excellent recording" and released it on high quality super vinyl from Victor in Japan in 1982.

A3: Premier Hymne Delphique a Apollon
B11: Second Hymne Delphique s Apollon

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