Guernica “Kaizo eno Yakudo”

Guernica “Kaizo eno Yakudo”

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Yen Records (Japan) 1982
YLR-20001 (LP) w/insert(some small spots.)
sleeve : EX(very slightly dirts on back side.)
media : EX+/EX+(some slightly noises.)

The debut album by Guernica, a new wave unit formed by Koji Ueno, Hotaruichi Ohta, and Jun Togawa, who were members of Harmens, was released from Yen Records in 1982 at the invitation of Haruomi Hosono. The album was supervised by Hosono, who also served as executive producer with label co-owner Yukihiro Takahashi. The concept of sublimating post-war modernism with electronic music, which was unparalleled at the time, was shocking. The meticulous sound production by Ueno and Ohta, and the unique character of Togawa make for a dubious retro-modern music that still has a unique character even today. It is like amusement music from the Showa era.

A2: カフエ・ド・サヰコ

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