Guy Evans “The Long Hello Volume Four”

Guy Evans “The Long Hello Volume Four”

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Guy Evans with Life of Riley & David Jackson
The Long Hello Volume Four
Shanghai (UK) 1983
HAI 101 (LP) インサート(slightly spots.)
sleeve : EX+
media : EX+/EX+(some slightly surface noises, still good.)

This album was released in 1983 by The Long Hello, a project by Guy Evans, a member of the British progressive rock band Van Der Graaf Generator. His second album with his friend Nic Potter is one of our favourites, but the line-up changes from album to album. The album features David Jackson, a key member of Van Der Graaf Generator, and the bands called Life of Riley. On the A-side, the jazz element is very evident, with relaxed mood jazz with saxophone and piano playing soothing melodies, and progressive jazz rock. Even more amazing is the B-side. From ethnic rock with primitive percussion beats using bamboo tubes as xylophones, to fast-paced psychedelic jazz rock, to experimental acoustic music and ambient rock, the band tries to take a genre-bending approach.If you like avant-ethnic jazz and the ECM work of David Torn and Terje Rypdal, you'll love this.

B3: Hamburg Station
B5: The Finger Points
B6: Haben Sie Waffen Oder Funk Dabei?

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