Haiku “Le Cycle  de la Sequence du Holter"

Haiku “Le Cycle de la Sequence du Holter"

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Le Cycle de la Sequence du Holter
Age (France) 1982
175 (LP) coated sleeve.
sleeve : VG+(some color-faded and peel-off of coat.)
media : EX/EX(some slightly surface noises.)

This is the only known album by the French ultra-minor synthesizerist Gilles Peyret under the name Haiku from 1982, and is a hidden gem of French experimental electronics. The album is a work of experimental electronic music that stimulates the brain cells and neurons to the fullest extent, with its extremely thick sine wave and sharp sawtooth wave arpeggio sounds gradually changing and playing dissonant melodies, created using analog synthesizers such as Roland System 700, ARP 2600, Roland 700-3/104, and a modified Moog 104 Prodigy. The unusually clear sound is banging on both sides of the stereo. All tracks are recommended, but the deep and crazy electronic world of Suite B2 is quite good. Highly recommended.

A1: Holter
A2: Step Number A
B2: Per Aha : Sonnerie du Holter

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