Harald Weiss "Trommelgefluster”

Harald Weiss "Trommelgefluster”

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Harald Weiss
ECM Records (Germany) 1983
ECM 1249 (LP)
sleeve : NM-(SOC)
media : EX+/EX+(some slightly noises.)

Harald Weiss, a German percussionist who is a member of the Ensemble Musica Negativa, a group known for performing contemporary and avant-garde music, released a masterpiece album in 1983 under the ECM label. Since 1980, he has been actively involved in the group and has contributed to numerous works, mainly through the Wergo label. The album features a profound and experimental percussion music, utilizing various unidentified percussion instruments such as gongs and congas, incorporating elements of Indonesian gamelan and kecak. The A-side, highlighted by the rounded tones of wooden percussion instruments, features bells and primitive voices. The occasional intrusion of gong sounds adds to the immersive experience. On the B-side, an enigmatic metallic instrument emitting low-frequency harmonics, along with resonant cymbals, creates a deep reverberating space. Kecak-like voices burst forth, further delving into a profound and experimental sonic realm. Both sides offer a considerably intense and recommended listening experience.

A: Trommelgefluster 1
B: Trommelgefluster 2

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