Harue Momoyama “Asobi wo Sentoya Umareken”

Harue Momoyama “Asobi wo Sentoya Umareken”

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遊びをせんとや生まれけん ~「梁塵秘抄」の世界~
Invitation (Japan) 1981
VIH-28036 (LP) Promotional copy, Obi, insert
sleeve : EX(SOC,SRW)
media : NM-/NM-(Some parts may have a slight dust noise)

This album was released in 1981 by Momoyama Harui, a shamisen player/singer who came from a background of classical Japanese performing arts such as kouta and hauta, but developed a free activity that broke away from the Iemoto system of traditional Japanese music. This is her second album, following her 1979 masterpiece "Bullet Wing Grass," which was produced by Toyo Nakamura and performed with Ryuichi Sakamoto's synthesizer. The theme of this album is "Liang Jin Hishou," a collection of songs from the late Heian period (794-1185), which he devoted his life's work to reviving. It features traditional Japanese and Chinese instruments such as the kokyu, sho, dragon flute, and raku biwa, as well as folk instruments from the Middle East such as the oud and dulcimer played by Takahiko Ishikawa. It is very interesting to see the world of Liang Jin Hishou sublimated in Japan. After he passed away in 2008, his will was taken over by Toshiyuki Tsuchidori, with whom he had been working since the late 1980s.

B3: わが子は十余になりぬらん
B6: 仏は常に居ませども

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