Haruna Miyake "Pop Band"

Haruna Miyake "Pop Band"

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Haruna Miyake
Pop Band
Victor (Japan) 1984
VIC-28175 (LP) Promotional copy. w/obi(some slightly dirts).
sleeve : NM-(DJS)
media : NM-/EX+(some slightly surface noises, still good condition.)

This album was released in 1984 by Haruna Miyake, a composer/pianist who has been active in the field of contemporary music in Japan, including her famous collaboration with Yuji Takahashi, "Ichimen Nanohana," which was featured in the guidebook "OBSCURE SOUND REVISED EDITION. All of the pieces on this album are original compositions by Haruna Miyake, including a piano solo by herself and a small ensemble featuring harmonica by Yuzuru Sakamoto, cello by Keiko Matsunami, trumpet by Hayao Itakura, and electric guitar by Norio Sato. This is an interesting work in which you can enjoy Haruna Miyake's unique worldview, which gives you a very strange feeling as the gentle melody full of Japanese sentiment using the pentatonic scale suddenly changes to avant-garde and then back to a pleasant melody. Ryuichi Sakamoto, Akiko Yano, and Akira Sakata have all contributed comments.

A1: ポエム・ハーモニカ
B2: トゥーレ幻想曲

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