Haruomi Hosono “Philharmony”

Haruomi Hosono “Philharmony”

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Yen Records (Japan) 1982
YLR-28001 (LP) 1st. pressing, w/insert.
matrix : 111/112
sleeve : EX-(slightly dirts on some parts.)
media : EX-/EX(some slightly noises,A: slightly hairlines that does not effect to sounds.)

Featured in the guidebooks "Obscure Sound". Haruomi Hosono's sixth solo album, released in 1982. It was produced in 1981, when Yellow Magic Orchestra had virtually disbanded after releasing "Technodelic" and "BGM", and was released as the first album for Yen Records, the label Hosono founded. The album is a masterpiece, featuring synthesizers/sequencers such as the Linn Drum, Prophet-5, MC-4, etc., as well as the E-mu Emulator, an early sampler, and a large amount of ethnic percussion and voice sampling. The album is unique in that it alternates between Haruomi Hosono's unique pop style and highly experimental style, such as A3/B2/B5, which have an experimental approach, and A4, which is more edgy electronic music than "Technodelic". As you can clearly hear in B2, the sound is unusually grainy and amazing. A historical masterpiece.

A3: Luminescent/Hotaru
A4: Platonic
B2: Birthday Party
B5: Air-Condition

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