He Shu-Feng "Chinese Pipa - The Art of He Shu-Feng"

He Shu-Feng "Chinese Pipa - The Art of He Shu-Feng"

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He Shu-Feng
Chinese Pipa - The Art of He Shu-Feng
Seven Seas (Japan) 1982
K20C-5101 (LP) w/insert(SPSE: small tear on side, some color-faded.)
sleeve : EX-(color-faded and some dirts on back.)
media : EX/EX(some slightly surface noises.)

This album was released in 1982 as the second volume of the famous "Silk Road Music Journey" series, supervised by Fumio Koizumi, a leading researcher of world folk music in Japan. The sound quality is very good. He Shu-Feng is a member of the Nationalities Orchestra of the China Broadcasting Corporation, and one of the leading performers in modern China. She performs mainly ancient tunes that were popular among the people in the first half of the 16th century, and whose expression changed with time, as well as her original tunes and her own arrangement of the New Zealand folk song "Boat Song. The sound is so fresh and sophisticated that it is hard to believe it is traditional music. I was thrilled to hear the exuberance in the second half of A1 in particular. It makes me realize that there is a lot of wonderful music in the world.

A1: 十面埋伏
A4: イ族の踊り

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