Helmut Lachenmann "Gran Torso - Gueno - Pression"

Helmut Lachenmann "Gran Torso - Gueno - Pression"

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Helmut Lachenmann
Gran Torso - Gueno - Pression
Edition RZ (Germany) 1990
Ed. RZ 1003 (LP) Coated jacket
sleeve : NM
media : NM-/NM-(very slight noise just a little bit, still fine.)

This album was released in 1990 by Helmut Lachenmann, a composer from Stuttgart, Germany, who has been releasing works since the mid-1980s. The B-side is a 27-minute composition for cello, viola, violin and string ensemble. The sound of opening and closing a creaky door is impressive, and the structure of the piece, with mumbled phrases and silence arranged in space, is like a music concrate.

A2: Pression
B1: Gran Torso

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