Hiromi Iwasaki “Cinema”

Hiromi Iwasaki “Cinema”

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Condition Guidelines

Victor (Japan) 1985
SJX-30283 (LP) w/insert.
sleeve : EX+(some very slightly color-fade on back.)
media : NM-/NM-(some very slightly surface noises, still fine.)

This album was released in 1985 by Hiromi Iwasaki, who made her debut as an idol in the 70's, produced many hit songs with composer Kyohei Tsutsumi, and has been active as a real singer with her exceptional singing ability ever since. All the songs are arranged by Keiichi Oku, and the sound ranges from 80's braconic soul/R&B to new age style, with a lot of digital synthesizers. A1 is an excellent disco tune with a bright horn section and gimmicky drum programming. A4 is a cool Balearic pop song with a drum machine clap sound, effective electric guitar and Hiromi Iwasaki's clear voice.

A1: 星に願いを
A4: ジェラシーの鍵貸します

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