Hiroshi Tamura “Yayoi No Fue”

Hiroshi Tamura “Yayoi No Fue”

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Hiroshi Tamura
Yayoi No Fue
Toshiba EMI (Japan) 1978
TW-60020 (LP) w/insert(slightly and small spots.)
sleeve : EX-(very slightly wear on corner,slightly dirts.)
media : EX/EX(some slightly surface nosies. side A has one very slightly hairline that does not affect to sounds.)

This is included in the guidebook "OBSCURE SOUND REVISED EDITION". This album was released in 1978 and features Hiroshi Tamura playing a reconstructed Yayoi period recorder. in the 1960s, two clay flutes were discovered along with a variety of pottery during excavations at the Ayaragi plateau in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi. Fascinated by these recorders, the printmaker Toshiyuki Matsuoka attempted to restore them, and after meeting the performer Hiroshi Tamura, the recording of this work was realized. Each side of the album contains one long piece composed by Tamura. The sound and melody of the earthen recorder is indescribably simple and warm, and together with the marimba-like percussion and the rhythms of the earthenware jar, it becomes a soft group of sounds that assimilate into the earth.

A: 弥生の詩
B: 土の詩

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