Hozan Yamamoto “Vivarta”

Hozan Yamamoto “Vivarta”

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RCA Red Seal (Japan) 1974
JRZ-2540 (LP) w/obi(slightly dirts), insert.
sleeve : EX-(SRW, slightly dirts.)
media : EX+/NM-(some slightly surface noises, still good.)

The late Hozan Yamamoto, a shakuhachi player of the Tozan school, who was awarded the title of Living National Treasure in 2002 for his continuous efforts in challenging not only classical music but also jazz, contemporary music, and avant-garde music, performed the works of composer Ryohei Hirose on this masterpiece album released in 1974. On the A-side are two shakuhachi solo pieces, and on the B-side are a piece for shakuhachi, cello, and percussion composed for Hozan's recital, and a piece for shakuhachi, cello, children's choir, and percussion. Hozan's shakuhachi creates an ethereal and abyssal landscape like a dry landscape, and the B2, composed based on Indian philosophy with a very deep spirituality, has a tension like the climax of "2001: A Space Odyssey. The three-sided insert is also beautifully done.

A2: あき
B2: ヴィヴァルタ

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