Igaxx “Matango ep.”

Igaxx “Matango ep.”

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Matango ep.
Ladybug (Japan) 2020
LADYB02 (12”) Plain cut hole sleeves
sleeve : NEW
media : NEW

DJ/creator Igaxx, who is active mainly in Tokyo, has released his second 12" single with 3 tracks. The release is from his own label Ladybug. A1 opens with the sound of floating synth pads and develops into a galactic world, A2 is a minimal Afro-percussion loop topped with trippy synths, and B1 is a deep track featuring Japanese poetry. dance music. Please also check out their split with Altz, SF traxx #1, released last year.

A: Matango
A: Ugachi
A: Ugachi (Casablanca Espacio Interior Mix feat. Narumi Herisson)

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