Inoyamaland “Swiva”

Inoyamaland “Swiva”

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ExT Recordings (Japan) 2020
EXT-1208 (LP) insert
sleeve : NEW
media : NEW

In 1983, Inoyamaland debuted with their first album "Danzindan-Pojidon" on Yen Medium Records, a sub-label of Haruomi Hosono's Yen Records. This is the analog version of the fourth album by Inoyamaland, a unit composed of Makoto Inoue and Yasushi Yamashita, who are also active as environmental musicians, working on sound design for various commercial facilities. The album is released on ExT Recordhing, a label run by Kazunao Nagata, and is centered on ambient electronics with a very simple, familiar and comfortable melody, which can be said to be a characteristic of Inoyamaland, while the B-side is pure electronic music with a somewhat psychedelic and experimental style. On the other hand, the B-side is pure electronic music with a hint of psychedelic and experimental style. It's a piece of music that will be with you for a long time, regardless of the times.

- from label info -

In 2019, Inoyama Land, a pioneer of Japanese environmental music and ambient music, is coming into the international spotlight with their participation in the much-talked-about compilation album "Environmental Music Kankyō Ongaku", which was nominated for a Grammy Award in the historical category. Inoyama Land's fourth album, his first completely new album in 22 years, is now available. The album consists of 12 acoustic poems, including transparent ambient sounds, ethnic-taste electronic ragas, and avant-garde minimal music, which are filled with unexpected madness in the midst of their soothing beauty. The cover artwork and design was done by Osamu Sato, a world-renowned multimedia artist who is the author of the cult games "East Brain" and "LSD", and has released a new album "GRATEFUL IN ALL THINGS". The design for this analog version is different from the CD version.

A2: Tekkei Tokkei
A4: Coconut Sabre
B3: Jinkou Taiyoukyu
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