Intence "Triade"

Intence "Triade"

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Sky Records (Germany) 1985
sky 100 (LP)
sleeve : VG+(SRW,TEOC,Side/Corner Scratches, Wrinkles)
media : EX-/EX-(a slight chirping noise due to thin scratches)

This is the third album released in 1985 by Intence, a German electronics unit consisting of Rudiger Glaser, Helmut Brunner and Clemens Glaser. The album was licensed to the prestigious German electronics label Sky Records in the same year, but like the first and second albums, this is the original album released on Intence's own private label Intence Music. The album includes A1, a huge piece of over 20 minutes that develops symphonically through various parts, as well as solid electronics using synthesizers such as Roland Jupiter 8, CS Prophet V, Yamaha DX-7, PPC Wave 2.2 Computer/Sequencer, and vocoder. The band's hybrid progressive rock style combines solid electronics with live instruments such as guitar, saxophone, and percussion. The most outstanding track is B3, in which acoustic piano, tenor saxophone and FM synths float in the space with spacy pad synths in the background. (Chee)

A1: Mosaique part I - VII
B3: Spectrum

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