Ippu-Do “Mirage”

Ippu-Do “Mirage”

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Epic Sony (Japan) 1983
28-3H-94 (LP) w/obi, insert.
sleeve : NM
media : NM/NM

The last album by Ippu-do was released in 1983, the group consisting of Masami Tsuchiya, who has been a session musician for various artists and groups since the 70's, and also a composer/arranger, and Akira Mitake, who has been an ambient/new age musician since the mid to late 80's. The band featured Steve Jansen and Richard Barbieli from Japan, Percy Jones from Brand X, Kiyohiko Semba, Jan Tomita and Hideki Matsutake, all of whom were close friends of the band. There are ambiences in many places that can be listened to with the present sense. Masami Tsuchiya and Akira Mitake were very much at the forefront of what was going on in Japan at the time.

A1: Plants’ Music
A4: Water Flower
B2: Dream of the Gypsies

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