Irene Mendes "Luzes"

Irene Mendes "Luzes"

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Irene Mendes
Luzes Farroupilha (Brazil) 197x
DMF 0001 (LP)
sleeve : VG(SRW,TEOC,SPSE:Tape repair on the back and bottom, small tears in several places on the opening, rubbing on the sides and corners, stains and dirt)
media : VG/VG(a noticeable dust noise, light distortion that does not affect the playback, and discoloration)

I have no idea what kind of artist Irene Mendes is. I have no idea who Irene Mendes is. I have no idea who Irene Mendes is. According to the internet, she released one bossa nova 7" in the 80s, but I'm not sure if it's the same singer. The exact year of release is also unknown, but I think it was in the 70s. The use of the accordion gives it a similar feel to Foho, but the backing music is very modern and Irene Mendes' vocals are very pleasant. The pressing quality of the vinyl is poor because it is a Brazilian record, but the bass pressure and clear highs are outstanding, and the sound is so clear that it is hard to believe it is a Brazilian record from that time. There are no scratches on the vinyl, but there is a noticeable dust noise, especially on A1/B1. There is a light distortion on the board, but it can be played without any problem. There is a light discoloration on the surface of the disc, but it is not sunburn. It seems that the original quality of the disc is not good.

A2: Caso De Areia
B2: Ultima Danca

brazil   forro   mob   world music  
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