Ismael Lo “Xalat”

Ismael Lo “Xalat”

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Condition Guidelines

Ismael Lo
Syllart Production (France) 1984
CEL 8314 (LP)
sleeve : EX+(very slightly wear on corner, still good.)
media : EX/EX(some very slightly hairlines that does not affect to sounds.)

Released in 1984, this album by Niger-born Senegalese singer/songwriter Ismael Lo, which debuted in 1981, was produced by Ibrahima Sylla, head of Syllart Production, and all songs were written and arranged by Ismael Lo himself. The album features a wide range of styles, from the characteristic Senegalese pop, with its bouncy rhythms of the traditional Senegalese percussion djembe, fast progressive rock-like rhythms, and bright synthesizers, to the African blues and country style with acoustic guitar and harmonica. It is excellent songs that are light and comfortable to listen to, blending the blues and country style with a taste of western music. The harmonica blues in particular is the quintessence of this artist. His talent as a songwriter also stands out.

A1: Xalat
B3: Fa Diallo

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