J.K.A.M. “Counterpoint EP.0”

J.K.A.M. “Counterpoint EP.0”

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Counterpoint EP.0
Cross Point (Japan) 2016
DTJapan DEMO-1 (LP)
sleeve : NEW(SS)
media : NEW(SS)

J.K.A.M., a.k.a. Juzu a.k.a. Moochy, has released 9 consecutive months of analog works in 2016, which were mixed, remastered and compiled into a CD album, "Counterpoint X" and "Counterpoint Y". This is a 12" single with a full color jacket. A1 features Afran Rubab, a stringed instrument from Afghanistan, and Kanoun, a stringed instrument widely used in the Arab/Asian world; A2 features a West African stringed instrument, Kora, and Egyptian Mizmar, and a Brazilian female vocalist; and B features Egyptian violinist Saad Muhanmmad B1 features Egyptian violinist Saad Muhanmmad Hassan, and B2 features Kurdish chants layered over kora and violin. This album is a perfect example of Moochy's recent efforts to fuse ethnic music and dance music. Highly recommended. (Chee)

A2: Pray
B2: Internal Vision

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