Jo Kondo "Mr. Bloomfield, His Spacing"

Jo Kondo "Mr. Bloomfield, His Spacing"

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Jo Kondo
Mr. Bloomfield, His Spacing
ALM Records (Japan) 1976
AL-13 (LP)
sleeve : EX(some slightly wear on edge and corner.)
media : NM-/NM-(some slightly surface noises, still fine condition.)

A masterpiece album released in 1976 by the Japanese contemporary musician Yuzuru Kondo, who has left more than 150 works since his debut in 1968 with "Monologue and Five Fragments. The title piece, A1, is a string quartet of violin, viola, and cello that implements the rules of "Music of Lines," released the same year, in a different manner, with fragments of ascending and descending sustained sounds interspersed with the strikes of cowbells. B1 is a music concoction of clarinet durations layered over tape edits of insect and bird sounds, children's voices, chatter, and electronic sounds; B2 was composed for flute and piano, and is the basic form of Yuzuru Kondo's philosophy. Highly recommended.

A1: ブルームフィールド氏の間化

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