Jo Kondo "Sen No Ongaku"

Jo Kondo "Sen No Ongaku"

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ALM Records (Japan) 1974
AL-1 (LP) インサート
sleeve : NM
media : NM-/NM-(very slightly noises a bit, close to mint.)

A masterpiece released in 1974 by the Japanese contemporary music composer Jo Kondo, who has produced over 150 works since her debut in 1968 with Monologue and Five Fragments. The performers include the pianist Yuji Takahashi, who wrote a general commentary on his later book of the same name that sharply delineated the boundaries between avant-garde and post-avant-garde, his sister Aki Takahashi, the harpist Fumiko Shinozaki, the flutist Hiroshi Koizumi and the marimba player Yasunori Yamaguchi.
All compositions were written between 1973 and 1974, and A2, a multiple recording of Fumiko Shinozaki's harp, uses harmonics to emphasise the shifts in attack while maintaining a constant timbre and intensity. On B2, the viola of Isako Shinozaki and Masatsugu Shinozaki, and the double bass of Yoshio Nagashima are joined by Aki Takahashi's electric piano, and the moving sustained notes of the viola and double bass are layered over the static sustained notes of the electric piano. According to the liner notes, "the attitude to sound and the structure of music was to be re-examined from an unstructured point of view, which was the gateway to the 'music of the line'".

This is a beautiful copy with insert. The obi is not included originally.

A1 Click Crack
A2 Orient Orientation
B2: Falling

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