John Neptune Kaizan "Bamboo Textures"

John Neptune Kaizan "Bamboo Textures"

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Bamboo Textures
Toshiba Records (Japan) 1979
TP-72323 (LP) no obi, no insert.
sleeve : EX-(slightly wear on corner, light dirts on some parts.)
media : EX/EX(some slightly surface noises.)

This is the first album released in 1979 by John Kaizan Neptune, an American shakuhachi player who encountered the shakuhachi in his study of folk music, came to Japan in the early 70s to learn the instrument, and earned the qualification of Tozan-ryu Shihan in 1977. He was joined by Toru Kitano (percussion), Kazuhisa Otake (koto), and Kyoko Takahashi (17 string). All of the songs are original scores by Kaisan. A1 is a multiple recording of shakuhachi performances of 1 shaku 6 sun, 1 shaku 8 sun, and 2 shaku 3 sun; A2 is inspired by haiku poems by Kobayashi Issa, Masaoka Shiki, and Natsume Soseki; B1 is a mixture of Japanese traditional instruments and South American percussion rhythms; and B2 is a rhyme scheme of three to two, expressing the changes in climate. B2, which expresses the changes in the climate using a three-to-two rhyme scheme, are all superb pieces of spiritual ethno-musicology that have been sublimated to a new level based on an understanding of the essence of Japanese classical music. It is a wonderful expression.

A1: 青風
A2: 俳曲

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