Joji Yuasa “Works of Joji Yuasa - Live Recording”

Joji Yuasa “Works of Joji Yuasa - Live Recording”

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Joji Yuasa
Works of Joji Yuasa - Live Recording
EX-House (Japan) 1979
EX-001 (LP) Perspex slip cover. w/obi.
sleeve : VG+(SPSE: 2cm crack on bottom.)
media : VG+/VG+(light surface noises click noises caused by slightly wear and small scratches.)

This album was released in 1979 by Joji Yuasa, one of Japan's leading contemporary musicians, who laid the foundation for electronic music in Japan by participating with Toru Takemitsu and others in the Experimental Studio organized by poet Shuzo Takiguchi, and who has left behind a number of works since the late 1950s. Under the production of Yasumasa Morimoto, who was the organizer of the modern music live house EX-House that once existed in Ogikubo, recordings of a live performance held in 1977 at the Shinseido Ogikubo Main Store underground hall are included. The A-side features an improvisational performance by Mitsuhiko Sato (piano), Sumire Yoshihara (percussion), Yoshisaburo Toyozumi (drums), and Yoshiaki Fujikawa (saxophone). It progresses based on a score specifying the number and nature of attacks and the pause time between sounds, using numbers and limited symbols, evoking an affinity even with members of the Chicago AACM represented by Anthony Braxton. The B-side consists of a performance poem by the underground theater group Tenjo Sajiki, led by Shuji Terayama, composed based on five categories classified by distance. It comes with a triangular band, cardboard with liner, and plastic sleeve. Due to the specification of cutting open the plastic sleeve with a cutter to remove the record, there are openings and small scratches on the bottom of the sleeve. A plain sleeve is included.

A: インター・ポジ・プレイ・ション(前半)
A: インター・ポジ・プレイ・ション(後半)
B: 演奏詩 呼びかわし

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