Judo Nohtomi, Goro Yamaguchi, Homei Matsumura “Zen Music VI”

Judo Nohtomi, Goro Yamaguchi, Homei Matsumura “Zen Music VI”

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Judo Nohtomi, Goro Yamaguchi, Homei Matsumura
Zen Music VI
Victor (Japan) 1968
SJL-2066 (LP) textured sleeve.
sleeve : VG+(some dirts on back.)
media : EX/EX(some slightly surface noises.)

This album was released by Victor in 1968 as the fifth in the Kinko-Ryu Shakuhachi Honkyoku series supervised by Hidefumi Yoshikawa, author of "History of Japanese Music" and "Aesthetic Study of Japanese Music". It features performances by Judo Nohtomi, who was certified as a living national treasure in 1967, Goro Yamaguchi, the second master of Chikumeisha and the most frequent performer in this series, and Homei Matsumura on one song only. "Ginryu Kokuh" was arranged from "Kokuh," one of the three traditional songs, which was played in place of sutras as a sutra piece in the Fuke-Shu sect of Zen Buddhism; "Hohshohsu," which was also played as a sutra piece and mimics the chirping of a chickadee; and "Sokaku Reibo" which was commonly played as tradition at the Komuso Temple.

A2: 鳳将雛
B1: 巣鶴鈴慕

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