Jun Morita “L’Arte Dei Rumori Di Morte” CD

Jun Morita “L’Arte Dei Rumori Di Morte” CD

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L’Arte Dei Rumori Di Morte
φonon (Japan) 2018
SPF-004 (CD)
sleeve : NEW
media : NEW

Jun Morita, the Count of Noise who controls futuristic super-prose-modular prime movers, whose overwhelming performance at the Organic Music Ten Years party held at Forestlimit Tokyo in 2018, is still fresh in our memories, released his first solo album in 2018 as the second release under the φonon label who runs by Kaoru Sato of EP-4.

Jun Morita is a sound modularist who cuts through space while roaming the urban night. Morita is a DJ, filmmaker, and creator, and his aesthetics of chaos and ecstasy are condensed on this disc. He has an unparalleled sense of acoustics that allows him to evolve all sonic elements, even fragments of noise, into a massive, diffuse, and dangerous sound collage. This is Morita's new frontier!

"It is always located in the future as an actual sensory stimulus, as an irregularly compressed and elongated singularity that is not in the linear future." ...... Kaoru Sato

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