Junko Sakurada “Atsui Kokoro No Shotaijo”

Junko Sakurada “Atsui Kokoro No Shotaijo”

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Victor (Japan) 1976
SJX-10171 (LP) w/insert
sleeve : EX+
media : NM-/NM-(very slightly surface noise on some parts, still fine.)

This album was released in 1976 by Junko Sakurada, the idol in the 70s. As the obi-strip says, "Competing with young composers," the album features compositions and arrangements by Katsuo Ohno, Tadao Inoue, Koichi Morita, Yusuke Hoguchi, and Kimio Mizutani, who were still young at the time, as well as arrangements by Motoki Funayama and Hiroshi Takada. All lyrics were written by Aku Yu. Of course, the songs are mainly idol pops, but various styles such as folk, blues, country, and Brazilian are incorporated in the arrangements. A2, composed and arranged by Kimio Mizutani, boldly incorporates disco and funk imported from the U.S. at the time, and is a groovy tune with excellent bass and effective vocals. The soft bossa nova A5, composed by Yusuke Hoguchi and arranged by Hiroshi Takada, is also recommended.

A2: 私の広告
A5: 彼の帽子

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