Katsuya Yokoyama “Take no Miryoku”

Katsuya Yokoyama “Take no Miryoku”

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Nippon Colombia (Japan) 1970
CLS-5128 (LP)
sleeve : VG+(light stain)
media : EX-/EX-(Slight chirping noise due to light scratches/ Some light chirping noise.)

The following year, he formed the Shakuhachi Sanbonkai with Kuniyama Yamamoto and Shizuo Aoki, transcending the boundaries of different schools of music. The first side of the album is the classical side, featuring the Koto-koryu shakuhachi pieces "Shika no Toon", "San'an", and "Temukai", and the second side is the contemporary side, featuring "Duet for Seventeen Strings and Shakuhachi" composed by Hideku Miyashita, performed with the koto player Shin Miyashita. The B-side is the contemporary music side, featuring "Duet for Seventeen Strings and Shakuhachi" by Hideyuki Miyashita, accompanied by koto player Shin Miyashita, and "November Steps No. 10" by Toru Takemitsu, accompanied by Nishikushi Tsuruta's biwa. The two pieces on the B-side in particular are historical masterpieces that can be called milestones in modern Japanese music. The expression is quite avant-garde, isn't it?

B1: 十七絃・尺八の為の二重奏曲
B2: ノヴェンバー・ステップス第十番

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