Kazuo Fukushima “Works for Flute”

Kazuo Fukushima “Works for Flute”

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Denon (Japan) 1977
OX-7136-ND (LP) Obi, Spread Insert
sleeve : EX+
media : EX/EX(a slight dust noise)

This album was released in 1977 by Kazuo Fukushima, who made his debut in 1953 with his first work "Uninterrupted Song" for violin solo, and formed the Experimental Studio with Toru Takemitsu and Joji Yuasa. This album contains pieces for flute created between 1956 and 1977. The flute is played by Robert Aitken, and Yuji Takahashi plays the piano on B2. This is a valuable collection of works that shows Fukushima's unique attitude to compositions that reflect the spirit of Noh and Buddhism, moving away from the Western avant-garde and, like Toru Takemitsu, intuitively grasping the unique Japanese sense of "ma". The recording, using PCM recording technology developed by Denon at the time, is also excellent.

B2: 伽陀迦迦盧那

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