Keiko Nosaka and Pro Musica Nipponia "Concerto Requiem"

Keiko Nosaka and Pro Musica Nipponia "Concerto Requiem"

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Keiko Nosaka and Pro Musica Nipponia
Concerto Requiem
Camerata (Japan) 1982
CMT-1070 (LP) Promotional copy
sleeve : EX(DJS, some very slightly dirts on back.)
media : NM-/NM-(some slightly surface noises, still fine condition.)

This was introduced in a column in the guidebook "OBSCURE SOUND REVISED EDITION". This is a masterpiece album released in 1982 by Keiko Nosaka, a koto player who invented the 20-stringed koto by herself, gave hundreds of lectures in Japan and abroad, and in 2002 took over the name of Misohisa Nosaka II. It features Keiko Nosaka performing a composition by the contemporary musician Minoru Miki. "Concerto Requiem" is a collaboration with the Nippon Music Group, another group known for their work in incorporating Japanese instruments into contemporary music. The B-side features Keiko Nosaka's solo performance on the 20-stringed koto, which has none of the classical sound, and combines an atmosphere similar to that of Indian music, while the unique tone of the Japanese instrument, along with its deep spirituality, reaches a new realm of contemporary Japanese music. This is modern Japanese music for the ear that has passed through ambient music. This is a wonderful work that I recommend to those who like folk music and meditation music. The artwork with the image of Nirvana is also excellent.

A1: 鎮魂協奏曲
B2: 華やぎ

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