Keiko Nosaka, Minoru Miki “Music for 20-strings Koto”

Keiko Nosaka, Minoru Miki “Music for 20-strings Koto”

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Keiko Nosaka, Minoru Miki
Music for 20-strings Koto
Camerata (Japan) 1979
CMT-1015~18 (4LP) Box set. w/booklet
sleeve : EX(slightly dirts on inside of the box.)
media : EX+/EX+,EX+/EX+,EX+/EX+,EX+/EX+(some slightly surface noises, still fine condition.)


eiko Nosaka, who invented the 20-string koto herself and has given hundreds of lectures in Japan and abroad, assumed the name Misaoju Nosaka II in 2002, and has sublimated Japanese traditional music into the field of contemporary music as well as classical music. This is a 4-disc box set. Disc 1 features the concerto performed with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and the Gunma Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Shigenobu Yamaoka; disc 2 features a duo performance with flutist Severino Gazelloni and violinist Futuo Tokunaga; and discs 3 and 4 feature a solo performance on the 20-string koto. All of the recordings are absolutely wonderful, but special mention should be made of the orchestral A1, which is overwhelmed by the world view of oriental thought that follows Takemitsu Toru, E2, which was performed with the narration of Soichi Ito, and the F side, which includes a solo performance featuring a piece that was also performed by the Nippon Music Group. The recording is also very excellent. The accompanying booklet is also worth reading. Highly recommended.

A1: 破の曲
E1: まぼろしの米
F1: 芽ばえ

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