Kenji Omura "Spring Nealy Here"

Kenji Omura "Spring Nealy Here"

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Alfa Records (Japan) 1981
ALR-28013 (LP) w/insert
sleeve : EX+(slightly wear on corner.)
media : NM/NM

This is the solo album released in 1981 by guitarist Kenji Omura, who has demonstrated his outstanding performance as a session guitarist in many works including support for YMO, with the cooperation of Yukihiro Takahashi and Ryuichi Sakamoto. Ryuichi Sakamoto served as supervisor. In addition to the YMO team of Haruomi Hosono, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Yukihiro Takahashi, Akiko Yano, and Hideki Matsutake, Yasuaki Shimizu and Kazuhiko Kato also participated. The songs range from crossover synth-pop to adult rock reminiscent of David Bowie and Brian Ferry, but the best tracks are A3, which is completely electronic ethno-synth-pop, and B3, which is a mix of avant-rock and music concrete.

A3: Seiko is Always on Time
B3: Inaudible

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