Krysztof Penderecki “Psalmen Davids + Anaklasis…”

Krysztof Penderecki “Psalmen Davids + Anaklasis…”

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Krysztof Penderecki
Psalmen Davids + Analkasis + Sonate + Flourescences + Stabat Mater
Trio Records (Japan) 197x
PA-1069 (LP) w/insert.
sleeve : EX+(TEOC,WC)
media : NM/NM

This album contains five major works by Krysztof Penderecki, a Polish composer who came to prominence after the Warsaw Autumn Contemporary Music Festival and the opening of the Studio of Experimental Music at the Polish Broadcasting Corporation in 1957. It is including tracks of "Psalmen Davids" (A1), published in 1958, "Anaklasis" (A2), published in 1960, "Flourescences" (B1) and "Stabat Mater" (B2), published in 1962, and "Sonate" (A3), published in 1964. You can listen performances of some of the earliest works using tone clusters, which were considered a revolutionary technique at the time. The halation-inducing silkscreen printed artwork by Kohei Sugiura, who designed the entire series for Trio Records, is also superb.

A2: Anaklasis
B1: Fluorescences

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